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Car Fire Extinguishers

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1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher
Price: 12.99 (15.59 Including VAT at 20%)
Car Fire Extinguisher BC Powder
Price: 9.95 (11.94 Including VAT at 20%)

Vehicle & Boat Fire Extinguishers

The Fire Extinguishers designed for use in cars and other vehicles such as boats are mainly Powder based Fire Extinguishers for use on Class A, Class B, Class C and fires involving electrical hazards. You can buy a compact 0.6kg Powder Extinguisher or 1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher. For larger vehicles we would recommend the use of a 2kg Powder Extinguisher because of the higher fire rating.

You may also want to consider a vehicle cabinet to store larger extinguishers.

Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Containers

A2Z Fire | Fire Extinguishers |  Car Fire Extinguishers