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Fire Blanket Information

The modern Fire Blanket is normally only associated with use in commercial kitchens in order to combat deep fat fryer fires. It has more recently become renowned by fire safety professionals as a major part of any fire fighting safety plan. The fire blanket is also a fire safety product that should be given serious consideration for the home, especially considering how cheaply they can be bought for from A2Z Fire.

A fire blanket is simple to use & can be deployed for use in a matter of seconds, effectively combating any fire hazard before it gets out of hand. A fire blanket works by forming an air tight seal over the fire & basically smothering it, preventing oxygen from fuelling the fire. All of our fire blankets are British Standards (BSi) Kitemarked, BAFE approved & tested to BSEN 1869:1997 as well as coming with either a 5 year or 10 year warranty depending on the grade of cloth.

At A2Z Fire Safety we carry the largest range of fire blankets in the UK, including all sizes from 1m x 1m for the home up to 1.8m x 1.75 for commercial kitchens as well as all design types such as Pod, Clam, Square Tube & Flat Pack Fire Blankets. Available in red or white.

A2Z Fire |  Fire Blankets