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Duct Detector with Detector Base

A2Z Fire | Fire Panels | Apollo Series 65 Detectors |  Duct Detector with Detector Base

Apollo Duct Smoke Detector

 Apollo Duct Smoke Detector

Ref: ds-53546-021

Price: 48.75 (58.50 Including VAT at 20%)


The Apollo Duct Smoke Detector provides early detection of smoke in the air moving through heating and ventilation (HVAC) ducts in commercial and industrial premises. Its purpose is to prevent the recirculation of smoke from an area on fire to areas unaffected by the fi re. Duct smoke detector part no 53546-021 is designed to accept a conventional detector head.

Under no circumstances should a duct smoke detection system be used as the sole method of detecting fi re. They should be used as supplementary detection in a fire detection system.

operates in air speeds of 0.5m/s to 20m/s
standard sampling tube supplied for ducts up to 540mm
three optional sampling tube lengths for ducts up to 3000mm
transparent cover to view detector head LED
fitted with base for conventional or analogue addressable detectors
Integrated smoke test port

The duct smoke detector is fitted to the side, the top or the bottom of the ventilation duct and has two tubes which extend into the air duct through holes in the duct wall. The perforated sampling tube which spans the duct is placed in the airflow upstream of the exhaust tube which causes a pressure differential in the duct detector. Air is sucked up the sampling tube, across the detector and exhausted back into the air duct.

The bases have been designed to enable detectors to be plugged in without any need for force - particularly useful when fitting to suspended ceilings. All Series 65 bases are lockable. The standard base is identical to the Series 60 base, so uses the same part number, 45681-200. It contains no electronic parts which could be damaged during installation.

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A2Z Fire | Fire Panels | Apollo Series 65 Detectors |  Duct Detector with Detector Base